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Theory Classes

Most of the participants are quite content clutching the steering to learn to maneuver the streets and negotiate the corners, but seldom show avid interest on the theoretical aspects, which assumes more prominence than the practical or practice sessions. Sun Driving School augments its driving tutorials by focusing more on the theory classes whereby ‘trainees’ are required to undergo classroom sessions compulsorily to acquaint oneself on the road rules, driving hazards, signal interpretation, safe driving, speed control, road laws, and other pertinent and relevant subjects / topics. It becomes essential on the part of a responsible service provider to provide the means and ends to equip every individual enrolled as a ‘trainee’ completely informed and totally educated about the vehicle practiced and also on the governing laws and legal obligations. Sun’s curriculum is complete with its agenda on and about the vehicle – boiling right down to the intricacies of the nut and boil to the wear and tear of the engine. The Motor Vehicle Act, traffic rules and regulations, Roads and siren figure as part of the theory package. The classroom session is ably complimented by the visual training whereby videos and graphics are employed to educate on “how to wield the wheel safely and steadily”. The theory class scheduled every Saturday commences at 7am sharp.

Practical Classes

The practical always add a tinge of excitement when the ‘trainee’ seats as the driver, holding the steering for the first time sends downs shock waves down the spine. An exhilarating experience that cant draw a parallel. Back here at Sun Driving School we make that experience unique by taking you on one of the best ride of your life. With personal attention prioritized by ‘one trainee-one vehicle’ policy (refer our Special Training package), the coverage and customized service catering personally to the trainee, it is the element of the human touch, which draws the line and differentiates Sun Driving School.

We are sensitive to our client’s needs and appreciate their sentiments. Taking cue from some of concerns raised by the participants registered for training, we have appointed lady trainers to exclusively train ladies. In our Special Training package we provide facilities to ‘pick-up and drop’ from the residence to the Training Location.

It’s a 30-days program; Reverse training is scheduled every Saturday. And the course fee covers license too.

Practical Features:

  • 30 classes. Individual attention. Personalized service on a ‘one-to-one’ basis. One student – one vehicle
    (Trucks, Jeep, trax, Sumo, Maruti, Santro, Omni, Indica)
  • New Bus Training – IRT based (Teachers)
  • Autorickshaw Training
  • Two-wheeler Training
  • Reverse training every sat morning

Hands-on car driving and once in a lifetime training for you and your family's safety

Sun Driving School made its foray into the service industry imparting institutional learning on Car Driving, to start with. Back then the cars on the road were far and few while driving schools hardly made a dent on people’s living. Today, of course is a different scenario where the roads are full of them screaming and screeching, and driving schools mushrooming hither, thither and round the corner.

Armed with a staff strength of 20 who are all IRT trained (the pre-requisite for any trainer to qualified is the mandatory IRT certification) and coupled with an excellent classroom ambience with the state-of-the- art technology, and a stable full of vehicles ranging from maruti, santro, omni, Jeep, Trax, Trucks, Sumo, Sun Driving School as your most preferred driving school would become a choice by default. The “Madurai’s Best Driving School” Award is a testimony to further corroborate its credence on the caliber and competence wherein Customer Satisfaction is not the destination but the very journey.

  • Government Approved Driving School (Approval Number: 3/m/(s)/98)
  • Bagged “Madurai’s Best Driving School” Award
  • Institute of Road Transport (IRT) trained Teachers
  • Every Saturday – we conduct REVERSE training and theory classes